Fix the Stale and Missing Data in Your AMS

Fix the Stale and Missing Data in Your AMS [On-demand Webinar]

Missing Data

When it comes to knowing your members, personas and segments only get you so far. Why? Because when you’re engaging a group, you’re missing out on the unique aspects and needs of individuals! There are many opportunities to communicate and better understand individual members throughout the year, such as an in-person conversation or over email. But there’s one area with which most associations continuously struggle: keeping member profile data current.

Join the Association Tech Experts Series as Dave Will of PropFuel presents on “Fix the Stale and Missing Data in Your AMS.” Dave will show examples of associations that are engaging members differently and getting them to act to keep their information current. Learn how to get members talking to you about who they are and what they need.

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Understand the differences between personalization, segmentation and individualization, and how each of these are accomplished with profile data.
  • Identify what pieces of member information you should be capturing and keeping up to date, and how they can dramatically affect your ability to engage members.
  • Explore the concept of conversational engagement as an alternative to traditional broadcasts.

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