Ingredients of an Amazing AMS Implementation & Adoption

Ingredients of an Amazing AMS Implementation & Adoption [On-demand Webinar]

Amazing AMS Implementation

Did your implementation go exactly as planned? How was the journey of adoption for staff and members? How did the staff manage to support issues after going live? Are you increasing the adoption of your new AMS? Reviewing and addressing key areas like testing, training, and documentation can help ensure a smooth transition. Get the most from your new system by understanding how to best disseminate and socialize information from the user guide and support how to be an engaged and forward-thinking client in light of the vendor’s product roadmap.

Join the Association Tech Experts Series as Vishal Shah of Drashti presents on “The Ingredients of an Amazing AMS Implementation & Adoption.” Vishal will share insights on how to maximize your investment in a new system, and get greater staff buy-in by focusing on the most important facets of an implementation process.

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