Salesforce & Microsoft: Why Platform Solutions are the Future of Association Technology

Salesforce & Microsoft: Why Platform Solutions are the Future of Association Technology [On-demand Webinar]


What’s becoming apparent in the association space is that more and more associations are opting out of proprietary software or legacy systems, and choosing a platform solution. Fonteva with its Salesforce-based solutions and Protech with its Microsoft-based solutions have now been united under the Togetherwork umbrella. This merger seems like an unlikely alliance until one takes a closer look.

Both companies were built on the premise that associations need and benefit from the power of a platform and the strength, resources, and investments of international corporations like Microsoft and Salesforce. Both Fonteva and Protech have shown a commitment to and knowledge of associations and developing the expertise, software, and processes specific to their respective platforms and the unique business relationships and challenges that associations face.

So what does their union mean for associations and technology? Join us as Teri Carden of ReviewMyAMS gets the latest scoop from Jake Fabbri, Chief Marketing Officer, Togetherwork and Dirk Behrends, Vice President, Association Solutions for Fonteva & Protech. Jake and Dirk will share how platform solutions can provide a more predictable path forward and help associations advance their missions.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why platform-based solutions make more sense than ever for associations
  • Why platforms deliver a more predictable future path for associations vs proprietary solutions
  • Learn how the acquisitions of Fonteva & Protech, and the subsequent investments being put into both platforms are poised to raise the bar for association management technology

This webinar is eligible for one (1) CAE credit. 

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