Calculating the Cost-Benefit of Integrating with an AMS

Calculating the Cost-Benefit of Integrating with an AMS [On-demand Webinar]



By integrating websites, a learning management system (LMS), an online community, accounting systems and/or other software applications with an AMS, organizations can automate tasks and save money on duplicate data entry activities. Integrations also enhance the member experience and the ability of associations to provide excellent member service. Dynamic integrations empower your technology teams to create solutions that better meet the needs and expectations of members without significantly increasing time and cost.

Join us in this webinar session as Neeraj Garg, Chief Operating Officer of Aplusify, helps you calculate the cost-benefit of integrating with an AMS and covers how integrations can effectively streamline your business operations.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to evaluate tangible and intangible benefits of integrating with an AMS
  • How to weigh costs of automating tasks to save money on data entry
  • How to calculate the total costs of integrations
  • How to consider risks and lost opportunities without integrations

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