Your Knowledgebase Isn’t Just ONE System — It’s All of Them

Your Knowledgebase Isn’t Just ONE System — It’s All of Them [On-demand Webinar]



The narrative at many associations is similar: Let’s group all of our content into one, central location and go from there. A more effective approach is to actually keep that content where it is but help your users discover it. While the systems that house the content may be disparate behind the scenes, your constituents should consume them as an aggregated whole. The impact is profound, helping audiences understand your organization as a global information resource upon which they can rely, for learning, community, and leadership.

Join the Association Tech Experts Series as Adam Hostetter and Johnny Clayton of FUSE Search and David Schulman of Associations Rewired talk about making your association’s entire knowledgebase discoverable.

What You’ll Learn

  • How your AMS, LMS, CMS, videos, podcasts, journal/magazine articles, job board, etc. form your knowledgebase, and that’s a good thing!
  • How to explore the normalization of content and taxonomy — manually or using AI processes — prevents ‘lost in translation’ member (and prospective member!) experiences.
  • How to let your systems do what they do best while consumers of their respective knowledge enjoy an aggregated and consistent content discovery experience.

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