Protech’s 10 Most-read Blog Posts of 2019

By Evan Hendershot – Digital Marketing Specialist

2019 was an exciting year for the Protech blog — Association Answers. We brought the blog back to its roots, so to speak, bringing in guest authors and experts from the Protech team to share insight from their areas of expertise. We also broadened our horizons a bit, covering topics relating to the Microsoft ecosystem, recaps of association events and any other association management-related topic you could think of. 

Before we start publishing new posts in 2020, we thought it would be worthwhile to reflect on a year’s worth of valuable insight from the Protech team. We also encourage you to check out our top posts from 2018 

1 – How to Make Sure Your Membership Renewal Email Gets Read 

By The Protech Team 

Once you have your preferred email marketing platform connected with your association management software, the next step is making sure those email that you’re sending are being read. 

In this post, our team highlights four statistics worth knowing before embarking on your next membership renewal campaign, helping your organization improve your open rates. Read more. 

Setting up an out-of-office message for your annual meeting? Here are a few tips to help

 Annual Meeting Tips: The Perfect Out-of-Office Message 

By Matt Dickens, LX Product Manager 

On occasion, we’ll focus on topics that don’t relate so closely to association management software, and this is certainly one of those cases. Prior to a slew of association events in late spring and early summer, we asked our LX Product Manager Matt Dickens, an association event veteran, to share his tips to setting up an out-of-office message. Read more. 

Need help finding your next association management software? Here's what not to do.

 AMS Selection: What Not to Do 

By Charlie Sapienza, Business Development Manager 

The search for your association’s new AMS isn’t like buying a new car or a phone. The selection process is more complex, and you don’t want to be the person who championed what ended up being a problematic and productivity-draining association management system. 

To help combat any AMS remorse, we asked Protech Business Development Manager Charlie Sapienza to share five things associations must avoid during AMS selection. Read more. 

4 – Flipping the Script on Your Next Annual Meeting 

By Matt Dickens, LX Product Manager 

With your AMS, it should be easy to track the success or meetings and conferences. But how do you actually make those meetings successful? In another popular post by Matt Dickens, our business intelligence expert and former association professional offers up his secrets to making next year’s annual meeting the best one yet. Read more. 

5 – 4 Can’t-miss [and Free!] Association Data Reports 

By The Protech Team 

There are a lot of great resources out there for association professionals, but it’s hard to find studies, data and white papers that inspire you to think differently. That’s why our team found these four awesome reports and e-books to help your organization reconsider some of the tech tools its using, and consider what how they could be used to improve member engagement and retention. Read more.  

6 – 6 Member Engagement Predictions to Help Your Association 

By The Protech Team 

In late 2018, we released a 40+ page e-book covering all aspects of member engagement. In the process, the Protech team spoke with membership experts from six associations and asked for their member engagement predictions for the 2020s. Here are their predictions. Read more.  

7 – Innovation Summit 2019: Imagining the Future of Associations 

By Charlie Sapienza, Business Development Manager 

Each year, .orgCommunity’s Innovation Summit challenges association executives to think outside of the box. Last year’s event was as good as ever, covering topics ranging from association events to member engagement. Find out which trends stood out most. Read more. 

8 – Expert Advice: 5 White Papers Association Executives Need to Read 

By The Protech Team 

The association community is tremendously fortunate to have so many people willing to share their experiences to benefit their peers. So much of that information is freely available, too! In this post, we highlighted five reports and white papers that we felt could benefit association executives. Read more. 

Are you making the most of your association analytics?

 Tell a Story with Your Association Analytics 

By Matt Dickens, LX Product Manager 

Every year, a few trends emerge in the association space. 2019 was clearly the year of business intelligence. Protech’s Microsoft Power BI expert Matt Dickens shares his thoughts on how your organization can harness the power of data and put it to good use. Read more.  

What is Microsoft AppSource, and how can it help your association?
What is Microsoft AppSource, and how can it help your association?

10 – Microsoft AppSource: A Game-changing Resource for Associations 

By Nick Panos – Support Consultant  

What is Microsoft AppSource, and how can it help your association? Protech’s Nick Panos digs into the details to help you take advantage of the true cloud environment created by Microsoft. Read more.