Connect with Your Members

Your members already spend 80% of their mobile minutes in apps. Without an app, you are missing out on a key opportunity to engage. To help your member-based organization capitalize on this opportunity, Protech has teamed up with Guidebook, the best-in-class app building platform, to bring you a fully integrated, year-round mobile app for your association. 

Be where your members are with Protech Mobile by Guidebook

The extensive functionality in the mobile app elevates member engagement both during events and throughout the year. With the Protech single sign-on, member information like profile details, event details and conference agendas can be synchronized between platforms, creating a seamless mobile experience. 

Protech Mobile Benefits 

Member Engagement Platform  

Facilitate member dialog and communication with Guidebook’s built-in chat, surveys, polls and live social feeds. 

Central Hub for Information 

Keep members informed with push notifications for important updates. Maintain a content library of resources, available on demand. 

New Digital Sponsorship Opportunities 

Mobile apps open new avenues for sponsorships. Offer sponsor-branded banner ads, surveys, and various other modules to bring in revenue. 


Protech Mobile Devices