AMS-native Community Platform

Protech Connect is an online community solution offered natively in Protech AMS. It uses the latest technology within your Protech AMS to create a rich, user-friendly community environment that can help you achieve key goals:

— Foster online networking
— Measure and increase member engagement
— Improve membership retention and growth
— Add new opportunities to drive non-dues revenue
— Create unique content, events and initiatives

No Third-party Integrations

Unlike third-party platforms that require external integrations, Protech Connect removes barriers to online engagement, enabling you to move into the digital community space quickly and easily.

  • Fast and Easy Deployment
  • Lower Cost to Set Up and Maintain
  • Seamless User Experience

Connect Insights to Drive Value

An AMS-native community solution offers an attractive option for starting and growing a vibrant association community. When your community solution is built into your association management software, it’s easier to overcome critical hurdles and get the benefits of community—quickly.

  • Seamless Authentication: Members can interact with peers in the community and pop over to check their latest certifications, access a new resource or register for a course—without thinking about how to get there.
  • Improved Reporting: Because your community is native to your association’s member database, you can see the data it generates and review it in an actionable context.
  • Daily Email Digest: Notifies members of new topics and comments on older posts, ensuring those who wish to receive it know what’s new in their Connect Forum.
  • Enhanced Member Insights: A native community adds layers of vital engagement data that can be used with AMS membership engagement tracking to better understand your members.