4 Features You Don’t Want From An AMS

Take a moment to scroll through your favorite AMS review site. Pay close attention to those bad reviews — the ones you’ll want to scrutinize before you take the massive leap into your next AMS.

A few common themes will appear, so let those be your guide. The easiest way to find your next Association Management Software is to weed out the mediocre.

So without further ado, here are 4 features your association doesn’t want in its AMS vendor:

  1. Poor client support: Some AMS vendors are perpetually dinged for inconsistent and unreliable support staff, and for good reason. Protech prioritizes customer care through the Protech Users Group community, our wonderful Relationship Managers and the Fusion Customer Conference.

If the reviews indicate poor customer service — Stay Away. It’s the first sign their AMS isn’t built with your association in mind.

  1. A dearth of partners: Partnership is mutually beneficial for tech vendors, but no one wants to partner with a dated solution with minimal market share. A lack of strong partners and integrations is a good sign the solution is on its way toward the bottom.

Protech collaborates with several partners to make sure your association has everything it needs to grow at its own pace. Partners like ClickDimensions (to serve as Alliance by Protech’s naturally integrated email marketing platform) and Higher Logic (to build your association’s private, cloud-based community platform) help Protech provide member-based organizations with an assortment of valuable tools to engage members.

  1. Hidden fees: Possibly the biggest hurdle is one you can’t avoid: the price. Try to forecast any late-breaking fees which could appear for things like data storage or basic features that weren’t available out-of-the-box.

If you’re seeing a lot of AMS vendor reviews claiming a solution isn’t worth the price, it probably isn’t. Some AMS solutions even dare to deploy a high-cost, low-functionality approach. Make sure you’ve ruled out the vendors that rely on name ID over functionality. It’ll pay dividends in the long run.

  1. Too many clicks: Imagine all the time you’d save if you could erase half of the extra clicks you made over the course of a year to locate hard-to-find AMS features. It’s not something that’s always considered in the selection process, but it can play a pivotal role in staff efficiency and user adoption. Before you buy, find out if the system is easily navigated. Avoid future headaches by making smart decisions today.

Do those features sound exhausting from the get-go? Avoid them by setting up a meeting with our team today.