Employee Spotlight: Brian Habib, Web and Visual Designer

Brian Habib
Brian Habib, a web and visual designer at Protech Associates, after working on a 1970s Cessna 172R Skyhawk.

He’s one of many Brians on the Protech team, but like each and every staff member, Brian Habib isn’t just another face in the crowd.

Since joining Protech Associates in June 2018, Brian Habib has become one of the rising talents among Protech’s burgeoning web design team. If your association needs a sleek and modern web portal, Brian’s your guy.

Brian’s been building websites since high school, first putting his skills to use for friends and family, then heading to Towson University to pursue a degree in information technology (focusing on web development and graphic design).

Web Design: ‘A Functional Piece of Art’

That passion turned into freelance gigs, which ultimately led Brian Habib to Protech. And he’s enjoyed plying his craft on behalf of associations.

“Web design is like creating a functional piece of art; something you use every day that is unique and tailored to the business or individual,” Brian said.

Now, working extensively with Protech’s MX Online product, Brian gets a chance to help associations build a better member experience and advance their missions.

And he did so recently, with great success, turning a client’s blended MX and CMS sites into something seamless, intuitive and useful — something Protech’s web design team can do for your association, too.

“My proudest achievement so far was the launch of one of our clients’ blended sites,” Brian said. “This site was completely redesigned from the ground up, and something that I created. Starting from a Proof of Concept that client submitted, I extended that idea site-wide and configured our product around it.”

While he enjoys taking client website to new heights, Brian Habib has his sights set even higher when he’s not at Protech’s Columbia, Maryland headquarters.

“I also really enjoy airplanes,” Brian said, also highlighting interests in backpacking, camping and rock climbing. “I volunteer at my local airport — Montgomery County Airpark (KGAI) — where I help service and clean planes.”

Oh, and he’s working toward a pilot’s license, too!

But when Brian’s on the ground and at the office, he’s glad to be somewhere he feels close ties to his colleagues.

Brian enjoys the camaraderie at Protech, the friendly environment and the passion people have to help trade and professional associations. Even on the challenging days, Brian said, he can always count on his coworkers to make him smile.

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