Employee Spotlight: Diego Altmann, Protech Web Application Architect and Lead Product Developer

Meet Diego Altmann, the focus of Protech’s latest Employee Spotlight.

By The Protech Team   

Developers are at the heart of every software company. And with Protech’s product line constantly evolving — business intelligence and a mobile app platform were recently added to the suite of world-class business applications for associations top-notch developers are vital to our success.  

Enter Protech Web Application Architect and Lead Product Developer Diego Altmann. 

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Diego joined Protech in 2007 and has become an integral member of the MX development team. He has helped to build the online Membership Experience platform that is used by more than 100 organizations and their members. And according to Beth Lilienstein, Protech’s MX Product Manager who works closely with Diego, it’s difficult to imagine MX without him. 

“Diego helps to take MX to the next level – again and again – through every single milestone in the evolution of the product,” Beth said. “But it is important to remember that he is also the one responsible for the original development of our MX product.” 

Diego’s handiwork can be seen in Protech’s regularly released MX improvements – like simple functionality to accommodate complex membership structures or multi-tier registrations. And, more recently, his 20 years of experience as a developer has also been beneficial in the creation of the LX 365 Viewer for exposing business intelligence Dashboards to customer members and different audiences, part of a data and analytics engine fueled by Microsoft Power BI.  

For all his accomplishments as a software developer, however, Diego is most proud of developing his Buenos Aires-based team. 

Teamwork Makes the AMS Work 

It all started when Diego joined Protech as a freelancer in the mid-2000s. Just a few months into the job, Diego met with Protech CTO Frank Bruffey III to discuss a more permanent role at Protech and he joined our team. When the time came to develop MX, it was obvious that one person could not do that alone, and Diego was tasked with building and leading a team to create MX and launch Protech’s operations in Argentina.  

Today, Diego has assembled nine other employees to create the tools necessary to help associations engage with their members online. The team’s work, Diego said, is a reflection of their commitment to collaboration on software projects. 

When asked about his greatest achievements during his time at Protech, Diego pointed to his success in building his dedicated team of developers who seamlessly collaborate with our colleagues at our United States headquarters on a variety of MX and LX 365 implementations. 

Diego explains that he likes to lead his team like a coach. As an avid sports fan, he focuses on teamwork, training and planning for success – three facets of leadership that work well in the office or on the soccer pitch. According to Beth, this passion is seen in his devotion to enhancing Protech offerings for trade and professional associations, which is part of what makes him a great developer. 

“Working with Diego on the product is always a pleasure, because he is so creative and thoughtful. He is completely devoted to making MX as great as it can be,” Beth said. “He is not content to stand still, and is always on the lookout for ways we can improve performance and usability.” 

Other than his role as a leader on the Argentinian Protech team, Diego also likes to develop new skills to creatively troubleshoot challenging web-related projects. Like many members of the Protech team, Diego finds creative troubleshooting to be inspirational, making him a valuable resource on the MX and LX teams. 

Outside of Protech, Diego enjoys traveling, watching sports and spending time with his friends and family.