Streamline AMS Training

Protech Learn is designed to capture unique and complex processes specific to how your organization uses the Protech AMS. With just one click, multi-format learning materials—video, HTML, Word, PDF and PowerPoint—can be created and published to a dedicated and secure interactive learning portal. These resources are easily accessible from within UX 365 and available to your staff 24/7 from any device. 

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Protech Learn – Your own centralized and easy-to-use documentation and training resource

Unique daily, weekly, monthly and annual processes documented during an implementation or optimization project are securely stored in your Protech Learn portal to help streamline training, capture vital institutional knowledge and ensure audit readiness.  

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)  
  • Custom Software Processes
  • Testing Scenarios  
  • Trainings

Protech Learn Examples

The interactive learning portal can be branded to match your organization, offering a professional, centralized and easy-to-use documentation and training resource that:  

  • Reduces training time by tailoring lessons to your unique business processes.   
  • Streamlines onboarding of new hires or departmental staff transitions.  
  • Promotes independent learning with full access to short, task-based lessons.  
  • Maintains consistency among staff when processing important transactions.  
  • Captures valuable institutional knowledge and helps eliminate information silos.