CHPA: A Digital Transformation in Phases


Association optimizes systems and processes to elevate member experience, improve user adoption and prepare for a database upgrade. Read the full story here.

Background: The Consumer Healthcare Products Association’s nearly 200 industry members work to empower consumer self-care by expanding choice and availability while keeping the public informed on the latest updates in over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, dietary supplements and consumer medical devices.

Challenges: CHPA was experiencing a loss in institutional knowledge of its Protech AMS due to numerous staff changes, including the Director of Information Technology. There was confusion in distinguishing each of the extensive features that came with the platform.

Solution: In a joint project with an additional third-party strategic technology consulting firm, CHPA agreed to work on an optimization project with Protech. CHPA took a “phase” approach to its digital transformation. Protech and CHPA determined which items in the system were worth immediate upgrades, and which items could wait until the implementation of the new system. Along with in-depth training of the system for each department, CHPA also launched Protech’s MX e-commerce solution to replace their web portal which helped member registration processes.

“The Protech AMS is like a Ferrari under the hood, but we had lost the keys. The optimization project helped us understand exactly what the system can do”

– Christopher Galczynski, Director, IT

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