7 Thoughts from the 2018 ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo

You won’t want to miss events like ASAE’s Annual Meeting (pictured here).

Who could pass up a chance to rub shoulders with some of the brightest minds in the association world? That’s why we took the Protech Associates crew to Chicago to enjoy another great ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo.

Now that we’ve all caught our breath, the Protech team was eager to share our insights from another spectacular ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo.

7 thoughts from the Protech team’s 2018 ASAE Annual Meeting experience

  1. Making great connections: “The Business Connection Lounge provided an excellent meeting environment to connect, listen and plan with our customers and partners. Appointments were well managed; the space was conducive to focused conversations; and the continental breakfast was a bonus! Best ASAE BCL conference experience to date.” Brian Bruffey — CEO
  2. A first-timer’s perspective: “As a first-timer, the Annual Meeting was an eye-opening experience for me. Each day was incredibly valuable, and I look forward to applying the motivational ideas I gained in my everyday routine.” Rob Reid — Business Development Manager
  3. A source of inspiration: “I found the sessions to be very inspirational. Samantha Lake’s presentation on Humanizing Your Association took a creative approach to member communications. This session encouraged the audience to dive deep into the psychology behind making connections. In addition to the insights gained, I felt motivated by the audience’s response and engagement.” Katie Jones — Marketing Coordinator
  4. Focus on the good: “What if we lived in a world where success wasn’t measured by revenue, but by how much good you did for you community? That’s the question Kickstarter cofounder Yancey Strickler asked us all in his opening keynote, reminding those in attendance why we’re proud to collaborate and partner with associations who do so much good for their communities on a daily basis.” Evan Hendershot — Digital Marketing Specialist
  5. Another fantastic year: “After 20 years, the Annual Meeting never disappoints. I am always able to gain valuable insights on the association industry through the communications and lessons of the many diverse participants.” Carol Campbell — Senior Account Executive
  6. I’ll be back! “I thoroughly enjoyed my first ASAE Annual Meeting and look forward to going next year!” Dave Perron — Sales Engineer
  7. Looking to the future: “ASAE Annual Meeting continues to be the premier event for association executives to gather, network, learn and look to the future.” Rob Roberts — Vice President of Sales
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