A Word about Automating Goodness

Last week several members or our team attended the Microsoft Inspire partner conference here in Washington, DC.

First, it was quite a thing to attend this world-class program along with seventeen THOUSAND of our fellow partners from across the globe.

At the closing Keynote, Brad Smith, Chief Legal Officer for Microsoft, advised us to “be the Zeitgeist,” to advance through our work the “spirit of the times” to the communities we serve.

Ironically, Protech Associates was just days away from launching this new site, a project that has been months in the making.

To summarize the way we see ourselves in the world, we are using the phrase, “Automating Goodness.”

We are good people with an exceptionally good product doing good work for those who can have the greatest positive impact on the communities they serve.

We automate YOUR goodness and, through our shared efforts, we can all be the change we wish to see in the world.