Association Leaders: What Are You Afraid Of?

Association Leaders
You got this, association leaders! Learn how one tool can quell even the most troubling fear at your association.

Let’s face it… We all have fears. In the back of your mind, perhaps there’s something about your association that’s making you fret.

We’ve all been there.

Maybe not in your specific position, but we’ve all faced a nagging and persistent challenge at our jobs. Maybe you’re losing sleep about:

  • Losing members
  • Considering a risky decision
  • Beating a goal or deadline.

Think for just a moment. What challenge are you facing at your association? The thing that gets in your way every single day. Now, the second most important question: How do you solve your association challenge?

Association Leaders: It’s time to find a solution.

Check out what some association leaders featured recently in Associations Now said they fear:

  • Being wrong or failing
  • Public speaking
  • Risk-taking
  • Crucial conversations with a boss

It might be a bit of a stretch as far as public speaking is concerned, but a good, platform-based association management software can pretty much quell all of those fears. At least, to some extent.

Being Wrong

We hate to break it to you… Association leaders pick the wrong AMS ALL THE TIME.

Consider this AssociationTRENDS and ReviewMyAMS report, which found 36.3 percent of respondents wouldn’t recommend their AMS. Interesting stuff, huh?

It’s hard to know which system is the perfect fit until you’ve given it more than just a test drive. And unfortunately, you might not find out you’ve purchased a lemon until it’s too late.

How can you avoid the fear of being wrong? At least when association management software is concern. Find a platform-based system.

Microsoft invests billions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to make it operate effortlessly — so you don’t have to. And Protech’s pulled all of the pieces together to build a great AMS on Microsoft’s already great platform.

It’s never been easier to avoid a less-than-spectacular AMS.

Public Speaking

Hmm. Like we said before, this one’s a stretch. But only slightly!

All those automated workflows, dashboards and advanced finds in the Alliance by Protech system can help you find all the data you need to make a presentation interesting. Those productivity tools will also save you time – time you could be spending practicing your public speaking.


(See “Being Wrong”)

Crucial Conversations with a Supervisor

Association Leaders #2
Worried about conversations with your board or executive director? Make sure you always have data to back up your decisions and recommendations.

It’s definitely a data-driven world. Intelligent association leaders are leaning into that trend, and they’ll be happy as a clam if you come to meetings pitching data-supported ideas.

Protech’s AMS taps into real-time data to make sure you always have the most accurate information at your fingertips. No more second-guessing. No more double-checking. And most importantly, no more looking bad in front of your board or executive director for presenting out-of-date info.

Still Worried?

Don’t fret just yet. For every challenges facing your association, the Protech staff is ready to tackle it head-on with unparalleled client support. Set up a chat with a member of the Protech team today to learn more.

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