7 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Awesome AMS

Lucky you! You have the top association management software around!
Lucky you! You have the top association management software around! Here are 7 reasons to be thankful for your awesome AMS

We have bad news. Only two-fifths of the people reading this blog post actually have a reason to be thankful for finding their top association management software choice.

That’s according to a report from AssociationTRENDS and ReviewMyAMS about the state of AMS (It’s worth a read. Check it out here). According to that report, only 43.8 percent of AMS reviewers would unequivocally recommend their current system.

So, if you’re one of less than half of association management software users who enjoys their system enough to recommend it wholeheartedly, this blog is a celebration of your great (or lucky) decision-making skills.

To the rest of you: the unfortunate majority… For you unlucky folks, who either picked a less-than-spectacular AMS or your association’s forefathers locked you in with a system that just isn’t the right fit, let this post serve as a reminder of what could have been. Or, for you optimists out there, what could still be if you can convince your board, your CEO or yourself to make a change.

The Top Association Management Software Features to Be Thankful For

1 – Spectacular Support

Real people who know how to help. How rare is that?

2 – Data Visualizations

Still looking for the top association management software? Find one with spectacular data visualizations
Still looking for the top association management software? Find one with amazing data capabilities

Raise your hand if you like staring at a spreadsheet filled with numbers trying to decipher what it means… Did you? Then you’re a real die-hard data junkie.

But for the rest of us, charts and graphs that allow you to analyze data on the fly are a must for the modern association. And you should be thankful to have them!

3 – No More Data Silos

You finally have a full picture of your members’ behavior. No longer is data fragmented between different departments.

4 – Streamlined Event Management

Cutting down on those boring manual processes leaves you free to focus on the fun aspects of planning your next meeting!

5 – A Member Portal that Won’t Make People Hate Your Website

Letting members access what they want, when they want it… Do you know what that means? You don’t have to deal with every dues payment, membership renewal or contact information update.

6 – Awesome Learning Resources

So, you’ve selected one of the top association management software options. But the system has so many cool features and functions that you’d rather not learn them all at once. A great problem, to say the least.

An AMS with so many cool functions and features should be backed with even cooler learning resources — ones for every type of learner (think videos, webinars, walk-throughs… you name it).

7 – A Reliable Partner

Oops. You picked a vendor who got scooped up by a big conglomerate with no intention to support their latest acquisition.

Oh wait, that’s not you. You picked a vendor who has been around the block and stayed committed to helping associations for more than 30 years.

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