Employee Spotlight: Abby Springer, Solution Consultant

Protech Associates Employee Spotlight: Abby Springer

By – The Protech Team     

Association professionals are passionate about working with others in order to solve complex problems. Our Solution Consultant Abby Springer has that same passion

Starting out on the Customer Care team in 2017, Abby has always had a keen devotion for Protech customers.  

“I love going on site for a training and meeting the people who use our product every day and finding solutions that make their job easier,” Abby said.  

AMS SolutionsTake Your Time to Piece it Together 

For Abby, a successful project begins by managing time constraints and focusing on the minor details. That attention to detail is a practice Abby also applies in her home life. 

My stepson and I will often test out recipes together and build Lego sets on the weekends – the biggest thing that I have found that applies to my job at Protech is taking it one step at a time, Abby added.  

When Protech customers need training or a configuration implemented to their system with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Abby is there assisting however she can. She gathers system requirements, and step-by-step – like putting together a Star Wars Lego set one piece at a time – she tests out our AMS modules and functionalities for association professionals. Abby is then able to provide a clear roadmap for how our AMS infrastructure can be best utilized. 

“More recently I have been involved with two very complex projects with a lot of moving pieces and uncharted territory for Protech,” Abby mentioned. Gathering requirements and testing these have taught me a lot!” 

Thanks to Abby, our PUG community also has access to a variety of educational resources, as she plays a crucial role in helping us develop webinars on topics like document management and Microsoft Excel add-ons. 

While some may not see the value in minor details, Abby sees an opportunity to give our customers a memorable and seamless online experience. In a world where people expect to get anything they want instantly, Abby has some advice: “Don’t get ahead of yourself – you might miss something important!” 

If she’s not busy working on association management software (AMS) solutions, Abby is spending time with her family and pets – her dog Boo, and cats Dobby and Gannon.