How 3 Associations Used a Microsoft-powered AMS to Execute Digital Transformation

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Find out how three Protech customers use their AMS to execute digital transformation

By Brian Smith, Communications Specialist

Association management software (AMS) helps member-based organizations optimize processes, energize member engagement, enhance organizational decision making and transform their organizations.  

Today’s mostly remote workforce needs tools that integrate seamlessly, which is why associations are increasingly selecting platform-based AMS solutions to manage all the technology they require for day-to-day operations. 

For most associations, an AMS is the foundational hub for their entire technology infrastructure. It should handle all activities related to member relationship management, transaction processing and process automation, while connecting third-party applications like finance and accounting software, event management solutions, learning management systems and others to its centralized data lake to empower visibility across the organization. 

Here’s how three associations successfully executed their digital transformation projects to better meet the needs of their members and staff. 

NADO Transforms Staff and Member Experiences 

The National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) had been using the Protech AMS for years, but their version was outdated and lacked the functionality necessary to optimize processes for event registrations, accounts receivables and member engagement 

NADO decided to move to Protech’s UX 365, a purely SaaS member management solution built for Microsoft Dynamics 365. The updated AMS would connect NADO’s staff to data and insights from across the association, and improve overall data quality and business processes. With free, regular updates, the software will always be current and NADO will have access to the latest feature releases. 

Modernizing its member portal and e-commerce solution was also a priority for NADO. Protech’s MX 365 improved the online member experience by streamlining event and professional development registration processes.  

“[The Protech AMS] is kind of like driving a fully loaded sports car. In the beginning, you just enjoy going fast. But once you get used to driving it, you can explore all the other features that make it a smooth ride. With Protech AMS, those extra features will help us continue to drive the association forward and create an even more meaningful member experience.” 

Joe McKinney, Executive Director, NADO 



Read NADO’s Full Story (PDF) 

AANAC Cares for Members through Education and Engagement 

Supporting long-term care professionals for nursing home residents across the nation since its founding in 1999, the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination (AANAC) needed a consolidated system that would help promote their programs to members more effectively. They also needed a centralized hub for invoicing and online payments. 

With Protech AMS, AANAC was able to integrate numerous third-party applications, including a learning management system (LMS), website content management system (CMS), email marketing software and a social CRM platform.  

Since the AMS is acting as a hub for all these technologies, AANAC has been able to increase data accuracy, automate key processes and eliminate redundant record keeping. This has resulted in a more than 20 percent increase in its membership in two years and a corresponding increase in its education revenue stream. 

The Protech AMS is the core of how we manage our business. With the cloud, we don’t have to worry about crashing, data loss or running out of space. The system is fast and scalable to the needs of our growing business and the success we have achieved is only the beginning of what we hope to accomplish – and our partnership with Protech will help us realize those plans. 

Susan Turman, VP of Operations, AANAC 




Read AANAC’s Full Story (PDF) 

AHLA Increases Data Gathering Performance with AMS 

With over 10,000 members, the American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA) is the nation’s largest, nonpartisan, educational organization devoted to legal issues in the healthcare field. 

With information spread across multiple systems that didn’t communicate with each other, AHLA’s management had a difficult time making data-driven decisions. In the search for a new AMS, AHLA made it a priority to find a system that offered tight integrations with their accounting system and website to ensure data could flow quickly and directly across systems 

Protech AMS simplified daily processes for staff and enhanced the online member experience. E-commerce transactions now flow directly into AHLA’s database and then into its accounting system, saving time for daily, weekly and monthly reconciliations and ensuring clean, accurate financials.  

Plus, the resulting data is easy to access, so instead of guessing, AHLA is actively leveraging its data to develop better membership engagement and operational budgeting strategies. 

“In the past, there was a lot of ‘we think’ decision making going on—decisions made without much data to back them up. The Protech AMS has made our data available to us so we can analyze things as they really are—and not just the way we think they are.”  

Thad Lurie, Director of Technology, AHLA 



Read AHLA’s Full Story (PDF) 

The Microsoft Platform Advantage 

Gartner, Forrester, CRM Magazine and many others have repeatedly recognized Microsoft as a leader in key technology reports. Its products are trusted by millions worldwide. These three associations, as well as many other national member-based organizations, have selected the Protech AMS because it is built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and enables them to take advantage of all the benefits that Microsoft offers. 

Through the Microsoft ecosystem, the Protech AMS connects associations to a near limitless web of enterprise technology. Out of the box, the ecosystem can easily extend your AMS with: 

  • Dynamics 365 intelligent business applications 
  • Microsoft Office productivity and efficiency tools 
  • Microsoft Teams for events and collaboration 
  • The Power Platform and common data model 
  • Hundreds of Connectors (the new API) for common thirdparty apps 
  • Thousands of native apps certified for the AppSource store 
  • Free, regular updates and releases to keep your system current 

During a time when users expect access to instant, real-time data, a centralized system with seamless integrations is an absolute must for today’s modern association. 

If you and your team are interested in learning more about how Protech has innovated the association community for over three decades, request a demo with us today!