How Microsoft Solutions Can Fast-track Your Digital Transformation

In the past year, associations have been forced to accelerate their adoption of digital solutions. Whether you’re looking to optimize your existing systems or confronting the need for a full overhaul, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can provide the capabilities you need.

By Liz Palm – Marketing Director    

Over the past year, many associations have come to grips with a critical issue: they need better technology solutions to keep pace with member expectations in a virtual environment. Old technology tools aren’t able to keep up. In fact, disconnected software solutions may be making it harder to serve your members effectively.  

Associations know they need a digital transformation—a way to get technology to work for them, help them support their members and support their operational goals. 

Where do you start? The answer may be simpler than you think—and may not be what you expect. In recent years, Microsoft has emerged as the leader in providing the tools, insight and training needed for digital transformation. Specifically, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a robust and flexible platform that brings all your technologies together so that they actually make your life easier.  

Digital Transformation for Associations Is Not Optional 

Digital transformation is a term that a lot of associations use. Many are already actively trying to determine what technology solutions make the most sense for your association.  

In the past year, as every member interaction suddenly went virtual for most organizations, associations have been forced to accelerate their digital transformation processes. For some, the transformation happened gradually; now they need to optimize the ways they use their tools. Other organizations are confronting the need for a full overhaul and starting to lay out a plan for the project 

Regardless of the scale of transformation you’re facing, the core purpose remains the same: to make interactions easier for your staff and your members. 

Into the SaaS Cloud: Unifying Digital Resources  

The advent of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud computing shifted the trajectory of digital transformation. Gone are the days of downloading separate pieces of software on every desktop for every user—with no way to share information. The cloud makes a true transformation possible. 

As one of the early cloud platform leaders, Salesforce was widely adopted as a way to centralize member management. But while Salesforce and other customer relationship management (CRM) software offerings allowed workers to bring structure to many essential operations, the software tools and modules were still siloed. 

Microsoft’s entry to the CRM space was more gradual, and they brought a more strategic approach to the idea of a cloud solution. From the beginning, some realized that Microsoft wasn’t just building another software offering; they were building an integrated technology platform. 

Today, Microsoft provides a proven, sophisticated infrastructure that allows associations to automatically take advantage of technology updates and enhancements—not upgrade and replace. It’s a game changer. 

By using an AMS built for the Microsoft platform, you are able to leverage the latest technology innovations to create a solution that addresses the specific needs of associations. You always have access to the latest applications and capabilities—without worrying about upgrading or purchasing an entirely new system.  

The difference Microsoft delivers has become even more apparent over the past 24 to 36 months as the company has invested heavily in their platform, creating a robust ecosystem with near limitless possibilities to extend your technology capabilities. 

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation 

Digital transformation starts where you are.  

Protech team recalls speaking with The Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA), a customer that realized the capabilities they wanted were already available to them. Christopher Galczynski, Director, IT, CHPA, candidly commented, “We had a Ferrari in the garage, but we had lost the keys.” 

Looking to accelerate your digital transformation like CHPALet us help you find opportunities to fully realize the power of a modern cloud platform.