New Year, New System: Why It’s Time to Leave Your Legacy Association Management Software

New Year, New AMS
Looking to make a change in 2019? It might be time to leave your legacy association management software.

So, you got everything you’d hoped for during the winter holidays. A tablet, some cool wearable tech, a virtual reality headset or just some R&R with friends and family. But then you went back to work, and your legacy association management software is staring you square in the face.

It’s not that your legacy system is that bad, it just isn’t made for 2019. It probably feels like you’re trying to use a VCR when your peers from another association are using Netflix.

And you have the right to be bothered, even if your legacy association management software is kind of OK. Consider this thought from Psychology Today:

“Sometimes we’re tempted to deal with our feelings of annoyance by discounting them —‘Oh, I shouldn’t feel so annoyed at such a little thing.’ Sometimes a little perspective does hold annoyance, and anger, at bay. But your feelings of annoyance might be trying to tell you something important…”

One of those important things, as declared by Psychology Today, is that “you need to find a better way to do something.”

Find a Better Way: Leaving Your Legacy Association Management Software

1 – Get a System Your Team Will Adopt

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: If no one’s using it productively, why do you have it?

2 – Save Time, Eliminate Wasted Effort

Don’t just save time by getting uber-functionality, dashboards for your data and business analytics. Save time finding information within your system with tools that make it easy to access data.

3 – Find an AMS That Grows With You

Everything’s rockin’ and rollin’. People are finding cool new ways to use your AMS… For a few weeks.

Then, you hear about that cool system integration or tool they’re using over at Association X. A feature you don’t have and would cost you an arm and a leg to have customized for your trade of professional association.

If that’s why you want to leave your legacy association management software, make sure you’re wary of that scenario when the hunt begins for your next system.

4 – Near-Infinite Configurability is a Must

CRM platform-based solutions will give you your best chance at avoiding costly configurations. Want something totally unique to your association? A less complex (and less costly) configuration will do.

5 – A Single Data Source

If your legacy system was giving you fits in the data department, find an AMS that plays nice with others — meaning, other software integrates naturally.

Are You Ready to Make a Change?

Whether or not your fiscal year starts in January, the new year is a great time to wipe the slate clean and reflect. If your legacy system isn’t cutting it, think about moving on.

But don’t forget to make sure your next system is the right system.

Attending events like the ASAE Annual Conference, ASAE Technology Conference, AMS Fest and beyond can give you a great snapshot of the big players in association management software. But if you can’t wait that long, request a demo of Alliance by Protech AMS today and wave goodbye to your old system.

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