Is this the CRM platform of the future?

What's the CRM platform of the future?
What’s the CRM platform of the future?

How has one tech company — one that virtually everyone knows — been able to keep its steady CRM platform innovations under the radar?

Good question.

The CRM Platform of the Future

We’re talking about Microsoft. Specifically, Microsoft Dynamics 365. The CRM platform upon which the Alliance by Protech association management software is built.

And we’re not the only ones building our association management software on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Certainly, it’s because Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a great CRM.

If you choose a Microsoft-based AMS, more power to you. And here’s the answer to the question we posed at the top. While other CRM platforms try to build themselves up with third-party apps or promises of future innovation, Microsoft’s committed to functioning in the present.

Take this destinationCRM study as an example.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM was deemed the industry leader in an independent study. Why? Above all, it’s the following features which keep Microsoft Dynamics 365 in a field of its own.

  • Strong reputation for depth of functionality
  • Fantastic company direction
  • Amazing customer satisfaction
  • And reasonable 5-year cost for software and maintenance

What does destinationCRM say?

“[Microsoft’s] Dynamics 365 solution is only getting stronger as Microsoft bolsters it with artificial intelligence and conversational tools.”

No longer a trend

The tide is shifting in the CRM space. And a ripple effect has crossed into the world of associations, too.

A few years ago, DelCor highlighted the trend of “growing interest in CRM systems” as a platform for association management software. That’s right, a few years ago… Now, it’s no longer a trend, and it’s become the norm.

No longer does your IT staff want the burden of dealing with a proprietary system. Since the CRM boom in AMS, the bandwagon continues to fill.

The obvious trend that gets overlooked? Microsoft Dynamics 365 has become the clear leader for organizations like yours — the associations focused less on sales and more on successful operations.

What’s next?

A leader of today? That can be measured. The leaders of tomorrow? It’s anyone’s guess.

That said, Microsoft’s interest in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence shows its sights are set on the future. And their annual research and development budget will help them follow through.

So keep an eye out for more and more studies like that from destinationCRM. Research where Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes out on top.

If you want to learn more about the out-of-the-box functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365, request a demo of Protech Associates’ association management software today.