NASS Boosts Marketing Results and Achieves Record Annual Meeting Attendance

Association boosts membership marketing efforts and achieves record annual meeting attendance with Protech’s association management software (AMS). Read the full story here.

Background: The North American Spine Society (NASS) is a multidisciplinary medical organization dedicated to fostering the highest quality, evidence-based and ethical spine care by promoting education, research and advocacy.

Challenges: The previous system NASS had was clumsy, slow and lacked blast email capabilities that could allow marketing staff to target and produce customized emails to individuals or subsets of its membership. They needed a new system that could forge closer ties with spine-care professionals and increase attendance to their courses and special events.

Solution: With Protech’s system, NASS was able to achieve record attendance for their annual meeting by transitioning the registration process online, as opposed to fax. NASS improved data integrity, increased the relevance of their marketing efforts and allowed online course registration and product sales.

“By using Protech CRM for Members, we’ve been able to bring everything that touches our members online. That’s been a huge benefit to NASS and our members.”

– Brad Repsold, Director of Technology

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