3 Things Association Pros Can Learn from Microsoft Ignite

What can your association learn from Microsoft Ignite 2018?
What can your association learn from Microsoft Ignite 2018?

Are you the resident IT expert at your association? You may have heard 2018’s Microsoft Ignite keynote from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. But there are broader lessons all association professionals can learn from Nadella’s speech.

So if your association is trying to ignite your future membership growth, you might want to start reassessing your tech.

3 Lessons from Microsoft Ignite

1 – Never Underestimate the Power of Trust and Collaboration

Here’s a tip we follow at Protech Associates. And it’s partially why our association management software is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We’ve partnered with association leaders to provide a feature-rich AMS through Microsoft’s awesome platform. And why do they choose a Microsoft-based system? When associations find the right set of technology partners to rely on, it leads to maximized member engagement and staff productivity.

Something else we learned from Nadella… your association can achieve more with the right tools in hand.

Bonus lesson: Keep an eye out for Microsoft’s new Open Data Initiative, a collaboration with SAP and Adobe meant to create a single data model that’s portable between platforms. According to TechCrunch, Microsoft intends to build the model into its Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM service.

2 – Database Security Has Never Been More Important

Is your member data safe?

At Microsoft Ignite 2018, Nadella shared some horror stories in which organizations and small businesses fell victim to cyberattacks leaving their data vulnerable.

Don’t let that happen to your association.

One of Nadella’s three pillars of trust and security is partnership. We feel the same way. And just like the first lesson, protecting your data is as easy as connecting with a trustworthy partner.

3 – Adopt New Tech and Achieve More

Here's a simple solution for your association. Find new association software.
Here’s a simple solution for your association. Find new association software.

Are you OK with your association’s current set of software solutions? Well, you no longer have to settle for OK.

Nadella urged decision-makers to adopt the latest and greatest technology and put it to good use for your business operations.

“Computing is not just about the computer industry,” Nadella said. “It’s about the entire world.”

Coincidentally, your association operates in the world! So you, too, could make use of a change in tech. We understand it’s easier said than done. But that doesn’t make a change impossible.


Want to learn more about the benefits of association management software built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform? Request a demo of Alliance by Protech AMS today.