Are You Prepared for AMS Fest?

AMS Fest - Summer 2018
AMS Fest – Summer 2018

AMS Fest … An event so nice we went twice in 2018.

Why? While the 2018 ASAE Annual Meeting was a blast, it’s always great to attend a smaller event to talk association management software.

If you probably did with purpose. You were either looking for a new AMS or will be looking for new AMS software.

The All-Important Question: Are You Ready for the Next AMS Fest?

AMS Fest is like a buffet. You can get a taste of everything in the room, and you don’t have to commit to any one product in particular.

That’s what makes it great. But you won’t want to waste your experience in DC by trying to test drive every system.

Tip #1: Narrow the Field

Before you go, try getting a general sense of what you’re looking for. A platform-based system? Something proprietary? Something unique?

Consider your association’s needs. What’s most valuable to you? Flexibility? Configurability? Ease-of-use? Whatever the case, you can probably rule out a handful of presenters right now.

Try checking out a few of the solutions on the AMS Fest previews page. It’s as good a place to start as any.

Tip #2: Prep Your Checklist

Which question does your association need to know in preparation of the AMS selection process? Jot those down and make sure they’re answered.

If they’re not during the AMS previews, follow-up with each vendor at the top of your list. When’s the next time you’ll have every vendor in the same room?

Let’s face it, if you return from AMS Fest without answering your key questions, did you really need to go to begin with?

Tip #3: Keep Your Options Open

Ruled out a system last year? Thought it wasn’t the right fit?

Now’s the perfect time to give everyone a second chance. It’s also a great time to put that final nail in the coffin for those member database management systems you’ll never ever consider.

Simply narrowing down your list can be considered a win, so you definitely won’t leave feeling empty-handed.

Want Your Questions Answered Today?

Can’t make it to the next AMS Fest? Or maybe you’re just anxious to get your questions answered.

Set up a chat with a member of the Protech Associates team today to learn how you can empower your staff and engage your members.