10 Secrets to an Amazing ASAE Tech Conference Experience

Will you be at the 2018 ASAE Tech Conference? Here are 10 secrets to make it an event to remember
Will you be at the 2018 ASAE Tech Conference? Here are 10 secrets to make it an event to remember

Don’t just go to the ASAE Tech Conference. Experience it.

The ASAE Technology Conference & Expo comes but once a year. Rather than trying to sit back and absorb all of the information flying by you, take charge of your experience.

By following these 10 steps, you’ll leave the ASAE Tech Conference with no regrets.

Protech’s 10 Secrets to An Amazing ASAE Tech Conference

1 – Don’t Stop Moving

An Expo Hall floor with more than 600 booths. Over 30 presentations, discussions and workshops. Plenty of CAE credits up for grabs. How does anyone keep up?

Never stop moving.

Bring some good walking shoes and zoom around the convention center to see, hear and learn as much as you can. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting until next December for a fully immersive learning experience about innovative association technologies.

2 – Don’t Skip the Keynote

There’s no better conversation-starter at an ASAE conference than, “So, what’d you think of the keynote?”

Sure, you’ll learn a lot and leave inspired, but you don’t want to be the only person without an answer to the aforementioned question.

3 – Attend the Best Sessions (Part 1)

Here’s an example from 2018’s meeting:

Richard Finstein, of CommPartners, recommended attending the session titled, “Building Bridges, Not Barriers: Connecting Through Virtual Meeting Technology.”

“We believe that many organizations are stuck with the same ways they have always used virtual meeting technology. This session should bring fresh ideas to leverage the opportunity for virtual engagement,” Finstein said.

4 – Attend the Best Sessions (Part 2)

Here’s another example from 2018:

“How can we harness the power behind our systems to create the best possible experience for our members?”

Higher Logic’s Vivian Swertinski, Sr. Manager of Strategic Services, hosted “Data Intelligence Fuels the Member Experience,” a session you definitely don’t want to miss.

5 – Be Confident in the Expo Hall

We’ve all seen them — you may be guilty of it yourself. Eyes glued to the floor, trying to avoid being wrangled into a conversation with an unwanted vendor.

It’s understandable, especially for the introverts out there, but don’t let the fear of getting caught in a salesperson’s web keep you away from a sales pitch that could actually be valuable to your association.

What should you do in the Expo Hall?
  1. Walk confidently
  2. Use time efficiently
  3. Find a way out of unnecessary conversations
  4. Keep an open mind…
  5. … But know what software you don’t need

6 – Come Home with Actionable Insights

There’s nothing worse than coming home empty-handed.

Sure, you’ll have plenty of collateral for your colleagues to Ooh and Ahh at, but would you actually purchase a service or product from any of those vendors?

Don’t come home without any actionable insights. Otherwise, it could be the last ASAE Tech Conference you come home from!

7 – Stay for the Fail Fest

Don’t miss the “Fail Fest!” Speakers share their mess-ups, mistakes and failures, but more importantly, teach you how they learned from those errors.

It’s a unique learning opportunity, and one you won’t want to miss.

8 – Make Meaningful Connections

What’s working in the world of association tech? What isn’t?

The best way to find out? Make connections with your peers and see what’s working for their association.

Maybe they have experience with a product, vendor or service you’re considering. Or maybe they’re trying an innovative member engagement technique you’re curious about. Those experiences can help enhance what you’re already doing, or help guide you toward a great, new technology partner.

9 – Stop by the Protech Booth

Like the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform? Need a new association management system? Boy, do we have the place for you.

The Protech team will be ready and waiting for you to ask for more info on our feature-rich AMS. All you have to do is stop by.

10 – Have Fun!

This one’s the most important. If it’s not fun, why go?

Can’t Wait for the ASAE Tech Conference? Or maybe you’re reading this after the fact?

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