Embracing the PUG: Make the Most of your Member Experience

If you’ve come across a question regarding your Association Management System, chances are you’re not the first

So you scour the internet, hunting for an answer amid dozens of web searches. But you’re out of luck.

Across town, a staff member at another association has a similar question. But this staffer didn’t waste any time with a web search, they went straight to the Protech Users Group (PUG) and found their answer in a matter of minutes.

For Protech users, one of the most valuable, but sometimes overlooked tools in their AMS toolbox is the PUG — a network of members who are able to interact user-to-user to answer questions from their peers. Or, in many cases, interact with the Protech team.

We’re incredibly proud of the PUG’s growth in recent years, but we’re excited to see it expand further to make life even easier for members of the Protech family.

If you decide to fully embrace the PUG, your Protech world will open to an array of resources ranging from helpful videos to eBooks and hundreds of discussion topics. It also helps keep you from missing out on what Protech has to offer — like a post about the Protech Fusion 2018 app that was made available for the fantastic event we hosted in April.

But the most valuable piece of the PUG isn’t Protech, it’s you.

The Power of the PUG

And that’s the beauty of embracing the PUG. As membership has steadily risen, the odds someone can answer your question on the PUG have risen tremendously.

The awesome power of the Protech Users Group extends beyond issues specific to Protech. And here lies one of the underlying benefits of the platform: users can engage about all sorts of topics.

As we all gear up for the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law that takes effect on May 25, one user wondered if any other associations were preparing for its implementation.

Momentarily, he was greeted with a response from a Protech team member, who informed him that Protech is “analyzing this new EU regulation seriously to see what we need to do in UX for the coming year to accommodate the new requirements.”

The stories of user engagement don’t end there.

In an effort to further their email marketing efforts, one user reached out to his fellow PUG-mates to ask for some insight about ClickDimensions, one of Protech’s partners.

Our friendly user would find himself getting a response from another Protech Users Group member, who pointed to his positive results with ClickDimensions.

The discussion started a chain reaction of goodness which not only resulted in an answer to his own question, but saw him engage with his peers on the PUG, and created a place for future users with the same question to easily find their answer.

And if you’re a member of a smaller association without an IT person on staff, the Protech Users Group is like working with hundreds of IT professionals ready to help you when they can.

The PUG is filled with similar member experiences, and we wouldn’t want any Protech user to miss out on the awesome benefits.

We’re looking forward to seeing you join the conversation.

Don’t fear, the PUG is here

The Protech Users Group is chock full of information to keep your day from going off the rails. Enjoy these other benefits of the PUG:

  • Difference-making discussions: More than 600 threads and 1,500 total posts make up the PUG Open Forum.
  • Live to learn: The Protech Resource Center features nine libraries totaling more than 350 documents, webinars, videos and more.
  • Fusion fun: Did you miss all the fun at Fusion 2018? Head over to the PUG for all of the session slides.

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