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Protech - A Microsoft Gold Partner

May 7th was a proud day to be a Microsoft partner.

We built our Association Management System on Microsoft’s platform for a variety of reasons — many revolving around its function-rich CRM. But Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s commitment to privacy and trust yet again validated our partnership.

At Microsoft Build 2018, Nadella mentioned what might be the hottest acronym in the association world at the moment: GDPR. And while the initial hurdles might feel overwhelming, it’s incredibly encouraging to hear Microsoft’s public pledge that hundreds of engineers are working on General Data Protection Regulation compliance.

“Privacy is a human right,” Nadella said. “We at Microsoft have enshrined a set of principles that ensure that we preserve this human right — protect this human right.”

As you’ve almost certainly heard by now, May 25th is the deadline to become GDPR-compliant. GDPR is a regulation approved by the EU Parliament in 2016 with the intent of protecting the data of citizens in the European Union.

Nadella’s speech was a great reminder that GDPR is coming, and your association will need to be ready soon. Are you?

We know we are, and so is Microsoft. And from our perspective, much of Nadella’s speech served as a wonderful reminder of the trustworthy partnership Protech Associates and Microsoft have formed.

If you’re a Protech client and want to learn more about how you can prepare for the GDPR requirements, please reach out to your Relationship Manager. And, if you’d like to speak with someone about the full power of the Alliance by Protech solution, click here and let’s chat.