Trust: Protech’s time-honored tradition

Years before the AMS space could accelerate, oversaturate and consolidate, Protech was there. And from the beginning, our family company has committed to our client partners in a way most AMS vendors can’t.

So what does 30-plus years in the industry mean for you?

Everything we do at Protech Associates is founded in our reputation as a trusted partner. If your association doesn’t have an AMS partner it can count on to make steady software improvements and maintain strong relationships, then what’s the point of selecting that vendor to begin with?

With that in mind, we’ve committed to our client-first approach to AMS for decades, and we have no intention to stop now. We measure our own success by how well the Protech system helps make your everyday tasks easier, in turn making life easier for your entire staff and member base. We’ve also forged client trust through our policy of openness and honesty — leaving any deceptive sales tactics at the door of your last AMS vendor.

Whether you’re looking for an AMS company who’s willing to build lasting relationships from the first phone call and beyond, or simply the best association-focused solution on the market, Protech’s system built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform has got you covered.

Looking to learn more?

Join us at one of our webinars and learn what Protech’s AMS can do for you.