Why Visit the Protech Booth at an ASAE Annual Meeting

Every ASAE Annual Meeting is a blast. But your expo hall experience? It’ll be just that: an experience.

You’ll have people tugging at the shirtsleeves of your association-branded polo from all corners. So head in with a mission. Put your head down and find your way to the booths that are actually worth your time.

Is the Protech boost worth visiting? We think so!

If you’re not sold, we put together this list of reasons you should visit our booth. And, we sprinkled in a few extra tips to help you make the trip worthwhile.

What can you learn at the Protech booth?

The Protech team is eagerly awaiting the chance to connect with our long-term partners, as well as some new friends, at the next ASAE Annual Meeting. But why should you make time for us while you’re there?

  1. Learn more about the unbeatable functionality of CRM-based association management software.
  2. Find out what we’ve learned about association trends during more than three decades dedicated to the industry.
  3. Discuss today’s challenges in association management — like overcoming GDPR or waning membership engagement.

Find out what’s going on

You’re almost finished walking through the sea of sales pitches that is the expo hall floor. Your eyes have glazed over. Everything’s going in one ear and out the other. You’re desperate to get off the ASAE Annual Meeting expo hall floor and start enjoying the night’s awesome receptions.

Like a grade-schooler waiting for recess, you’re waiting for your chance at relief from the noise.

If you want to find out what’s going on after the day’s events end, you’ll want to stop by the Protech booth to find out which receptions are worth attending. Our team is connected, so you don’t have to be!

Be a winner

We don’t expect you to choose our booth for nothing.

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Subscribe to Protech’s monthly newsletter for more association tips. Or, sign up to learn about ways to make the most of your association’s membership database software.

We’re bringing a cool prize along with the Protech crew — a prize that gives a nod to our gold-level Microsoft Partner status.

So make sure you visit, or else you could leave empty-handed.

Add some tips to your playbook

Considering a new technology partner? Before you head off to each vendor’s booth, be sure you’re armed with the right questions.

With more than 30 years in the game, Protech knows all the right plays. We’ll provide you with the game plan to get the most of your ASAE Annual experience. Maybe we could even steer you to the right marketing automation platform or web design firm.


Carve out a little time to visit the Protech booth before your grab some time to yourself. It’ll give you some thoughts to ponder for your trip back home.

See you at the Protech booth!